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The Oman Golf Association is delighted to present GOgreen, our new national strategy developed with the GEO Foundation to address and advance sustainability and climate action in, and through, the sport of golf. As the national governing body for the sport, we recognise the significance of both the environmental and social responsibility issues to society at large, and the need for all individuals, businesses and sectors to help address some of the most pressing concerns of our generation.


We view sustainability as an area of new opportunity; to help golf facilities and the sport as a whole to become more innovative, efficient and popular and generate clear social, environmental and business benefits for all involved.


One aspect we are particularly excited about is collaboration, and the opportunity to provide a credible platform that supports, and is supported by, other stakeholders and partners. We believe that the sport of golf – given its deep relationships with the environment and communities; its drive for innovative solutions on water, energy and circular economy; and its reach in sports, events, media and tourism, can support much of what is set out in Oman Vision 2040.


We also look forward to engaging with the private sector.  This includes those that deliver real sustainability solutions in clean energy, water and the supply chain. Additionally, those corporations that are already engaged in golf and would like to unlock the ‘value add’ of bringing their social and environmental responsibility to the fore more strongly.


Finally, we are grateful to our partners within golf. The encouragement we have received from our golf facilities has been tremendous, as has leadership endorsement from The R&A and the European Tour. With the expert support and solutions of the GEO Foundation, we feel we are well placed to generate some tremendous achievements in the years ahead, and put in place a legacy that ensures golf will thrive and deliver significant common good within the Sultanate of Oman for decades to come.

Mundhir Al Barwani, Chairman of the Oman Golf Association


National Sustainability Strategy

Through GOgreen the Oman Golf Association is making sustainable development a core pillar of the future success and value of the sport of golf. The Oman Golf Association has formed a close partnership with the international non-profit, GEO Foundation, this partnership will enable the OGA to provide new guidance and direction; programs and tools; recognition; and the sharing of credible leadership examples and data.

Ensuring the long-term viability of facilities and events means positioning and even integrating sustainability and climate action into other priorities such as further growing participation and inclusion domestically and through tourism; boosting popularity; accessing investment; elite athlete performance; and showing that golf can have a positive impact on the Sultanate of Oman.

We believe that by addressing key environmental and social issues in a deliberate and planned way we can create a better future for golf, for people and for the environment.


The driving vision is that golf will become even more successful and supported as it becomes more widely recognised for delivering valuable social, environmental and economic benefits to the citizens of Oman and in doing so supports Oman Vision 2040, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and ultimately enhances the global reputation of golf and of the Sultanate of Oman.

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