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Developing junior golf has always been a primary objective of the Oman Golf Association. GOjuniors was established to bring together the efforts allowing junior golfers in the Sultanate to experience, to develop and to perform.

Experiencing golf for the first time is an essential step in increasing the number of golfers and the initial exposure to golf may take many forms. The Oman Golf Association is committed to attracting more young people to try the game of golf through school visits, Summer Camps and Open Days. Additionally, existing golfers, in particular those who form part of our Oman Junior National Teams, will be encouraged to act as ambassadors to attract other youngsters to experience the game.

Each of the golf courses in Oman have their own Junior Development Programmes run by PGA Qualified Instructors, for more information please visit the courses own websites using the links on the courses page. Having observed many youngsters taking lessons, but not seeing a significant growth in the number of juniors playing the game, the Oman Golf Association came up with the GOjuniors Tour and GOjuniors Feeder Sessions. These events have become a key component in retaining those juniors who have started to learn the game through taking lessons, and also allow the juniors to develop lasting friendships and build confidence through competition.


The GOjuniors Feeder Sessions are played over 9 holes from the forward tees allowing the concept of competition, rules and scoring to be introduced, as each of the tee sets at the courses have been rated these rounds can count towards obtaining an official handicap and as such provide a clear pathway to develop and participate in the more formal GOjuniors Tour events.


The GOjuniors Tour events are played on a rotation at each of the courses in Oman over 18 holes, an Order of Merit runs throughout the season and each event is also aligned to the Global Junior Golf Ranking scheme allowing our juniors to measure their progress against other junior golfers around the world. The Order of Merit is acknowledged at the end of the season and is also used for National Team selection amongst the Omani players.

The Oman Golf Association is a non profit making organisation and as such relies upon the generous support of sponsors and partners to deliver many of its initiatives. If you would be interested in supporting the development of junior golf please contact us using the link below.

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GOjuniors Tour Caddie Charter

Parents are an essential part of junior golf development and understandably want to get involved. In the Middle East most of the golf courses have golf carts, but these can only be driven by those over a certain age. Because of this many of our junior events required the younger players to walk, and consequently the parents to caddie. On occasion this caused confrontation, slow play and inaccurate rulings. To address this the GOjuniors Tour has implemented the Caddie Charter. Before being allowed to caddie a parent is asked to observe and agree to the following:


  • Are primarily a caddie for the day and not a parent, please let your player take responsibility for their round.

  • Should let your player take responsibility for their scorecard, but offer held if needed.

  • Should encourage the children to socialise with each other, try to keep your distance between shots and allow them to develop and strengthen friendships with other players. The event is not about winning but about helping your children to grow as golfers and individuals.

  • Should only give a ruling if you are 100% certain, if you are not sure seek the advice of the Tournament Referee.

  • Should allow your player to make their own decisions, even if they are wrong.

  • Should allow your player to select the club and shot.

  • Encourage your player after both good and bad shots.

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