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The Golf Handicap Information Network

The Oman Golf Association moved from the USGA Handicap System to WHS in May 2020 and in doing so also became part of the USGA's Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN). GHIN is one of the largest handicap management tools in the world serving more that 2.3 million golfers. 

With Oman now being part of GHIN our golfers have access to the GHIN mobile application, the GHIN website and the kiosks that are located at the golf clubs. Any of these can be used for posting scores, recording statistics and checking course handicaps, additionally they also allow peer review to be carried out which is a fundamental requirement of the World Handicap System.

As a member of the Oman Golf Association you will be issued with a GHIN number, this identifies you both in Oman and also to any other territory which belongs to GHIN. Membership of the OGA is not only offered to those who are members of the golf courses in Oman but is also available to those golfers who are not members but who wish to obtain and maintain an official WHS Handicap Index as well as receiving discounted green fees.


GHIN Frequently Asked Questions

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