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About the Oman Golf Association

Established by the Ministry of Sport in 2009 the Oman Golf Committee was awarded the status of an Association in 2020.

The Association exists to increase awareness, participation, promotion and appreciation of golf to the domestic and international markets and further to this to ensure that golf is used to promote the general interests of the Sultanate both locally and overseas.

The Oman Golf Association is a non-profit making organisation and any funding raised through Government support or generous sponsorship is directly invested into achieving our goal to grow the game in Oman in a sustainable way and in doing so to support and contribute to Oman Vision 2040.


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Recent Blog Posts

Sami Valimaki winner of the 2020 Oman Open

Oman Open

The Oman Open formed part of the European Tour schedule and in 2019 and 2020 was promoted by the Oman Golf Association.

Golf Courses in Oman, Jebel Sifah

Golf Courses

Golf has been played in Oman since 1970, originally played on two sand courses Oman now has five grass courses all within easy reach of the capital city of Muscat.

Growing the game of golf in Oman, school children from Sohar visit the 2020 Oman Open

Growing the Game

The Oman Golf Association is responsible for growing the game in the Sultanate and through various initiatives ensures that is does so in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Partners and Sponsors

Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth Oman
Oman Vision 2040
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