Oman's coast is lined with many soft sand beaches allowing for many activities such as swimming, kite surfing, diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing, beach combing and shell collecting.

Qurum Beach access is possible from several beachside hotels and is popular with families, walkers and joggers. The beach is lined with restaurants, snack bars and cafes. At Qantab beach local fishermen will offer fishing excursions and boat rides.

For the more adventurous, the coast beyond Quriyat can be reached by driving southeast in a four-wheel drive vehicle.


The most renowned Omani desert is Sharqiyah Sands (also called Wahiba Sands) with its dunes rising to nearly 200 meters. Witnessing the sun setting is an inspiring event in itself but once the sun has drifted below the dunes a truly spectacular blanket of stars is revealed. Desert adventures in Oman can be by camelback or four-wheel drives. Activities generally include sleeping out in Barsti huts, Omani BBQ under the stars, camel riding and visiting the Bedouins.


Oman abounds with many caves of different sizes, topography and ruggedness, some of which can be accessed with a group of amateurs, like Muqal Cave in Wadi Bani Khalid in Ash Sharqiyah region, while others need considerable effort, training, experience and specialised equipment. The most famous cave in Oman is the Al Hoota Cave with its limestone rich sedimentary deposits. Other caves of interest are Majlis Al Jinn, Moqul Cave in Wadi Bani Khalid and the mostly unexplored Tiq Cave in Dhofar.


Omani Souqs (markets) are always bustling with tourists and are great opportunities to purchase handicrafts like silver, gold, textiles and masterpieces produced by other Omani industries.

There are Souqs in every Omani town and the most famous amongst these are the Ruwi and Muttrah Souq.


Rock climbing enthusiasts of all levels will find plenty to keep them busy as routes of all grades are available. Rugged mountains, steep cliffs overlooking breathtaking sceneries, rouged paths, deep canyons and towering cliffs present an enigmatic challenge. The rocky towers of Wadi Ghool, scales to a height of 300 meters and the gorgeous façade of Jabal Mishfat has climbs from 120 to 500 meters.


From intimidating deserts to rugged mountains, serene beaches and tranquil wadis; Oman's landscape offers some exciting opportunities for adventure. Avid trekkers will enjoy the walks through trails over mountains and into canyons, some of which have running water all the year round. Some of the most popular spots are Mazara village with its rocky tracks fording the wadi and crystal clear pools, Wadi Arbien or the narrow slot canyons of Wadi Shab, Snake Canyon and Wadi Hajir.