“Golf Oman” was a brand created to bring together all the golfing elements of golf in Oman and create an umbrella brand to promote the sport. This makes all golf related activity in Oman a custodian of this brand. It is therefore the responsibility of the Oman Golf Committee (OGC) to bring together these entities and unify the effort to promote Golf in Oman under this brand.

Golf Oman is in the process of redeveloping its media platforms developing a consistent messaging platform across all communication tools.

The Oman Golf Committee (OGC) was established by the Ministry of Sports Affairs on the 14th of January 2009, and is responsible for managing all technical, management, financial and organizational aspects of golf as a sport and its implementation in the Sultanate of Oman or abroad after coordination with the Ministry.

The OGC mission is to build a foundation for golf in Oman that will give all golfers (adults and children) the opportunity to play the sport. The committee wants to create an environment that allows beginners to learn and serious golfers to strive to the top. We will focus on raising the standard of golf in Oman and produce a national team capable of competing in international events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup of Golf. OGC aims to build a population of local golfers which will support the domestic clubs to ensure golf flourishes and is sustainable in the long term.

The Oman Golf Committee is affiliated with several golfing bodies around the world that all provide support and guidance to the Committee:

  • The R&A
  • The USGA
  • The Asia Pacific Golf Confederation
  • The Arab Golf Federation
  • GCC Golf

The Oman Golf Committee currently represents nearly 800 golfers split between the 5 operational clubs. The makeup of the clubs are three 18 hole grass courses, one 9 hole grass course and one 9 hole brown course. There is currently two further 18 hole grass courses under construction and one 18 hole grass course under discussion.